Speech therapy is a form of therapy which is designed to address language and speech disorders. It is typically provided by a speech therapist, who may work with a psychologist, physiotherapist, or psychiatrist, depending on the patient's condition. Speech therapists can address speech and language issues as they occur, and they may also provide preventative care which is designed to stop such disorders before they start.

Language disorders involve an inability to utilize language. People with language disorders may have psychological issues like stuttering, or they may have cognitive impairments which make it difficult for them to connect critical features of spoken language. Speech therapy for language disorders starts with determining the extent of the disorder, exploring the underlying cause, and then addressing the cause with the patient, using a variety of exercises to help the patient overcome the disorder.

People recovering from strokes and brain injuries may also experience language disorders as a result of cognitive impairments. For these patients, speech therapy can help the patient recover his or her former language faculties, or develop a new method of communication if it is impossible for the patient to fully recover. Speech therapists can also address emotional discomfort caused by slurred speech or difficulty speaking after a stroke, helping patients feel more confident.
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