the Canal

ITC (in-the-canal) hearing aids fit into the ear canal. They are only slightly larger than the completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid but smaller than the in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid. The ITC style is available in the programmable, digital, and conventional hearing aids.


  • ITC hearing aids are cosmetically appealing due to small size.
  • ITC instruments offer natural sound reception due to the placement of the microphone in the ear canal.  


  • ITC hearing aids are only suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing losses.
  • ITC hearing aids are rarely prescribed for children due to the constant growth of a child's ear.
  • The small battery, used with an ITC aid, may be difficult to manipulate.
  • Feedback possible due to closeness of mike and receiver.
  • If a volume control is used with an ITC hearing aid, it is very small and difficult to adjust.
  • ITC instruments are susceptible to damage from earwax.

Hearing aid batteries

Canal hearing aids use a slightly larger battery than the CIC style.

Type of hearing aid

Battery sizes


5 or 10


10 or 312




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