Hearing System

Life™ delivers impeccable sound quality from a small, beautifully designed instrument - bringing you incredible performance in an open fitting.

Motion™ is an easy, comfortable solution you can put on and forget about. With all the technology you need to stay connected to your world.

Pure™ lets nothing come between you and your world. It's tiny, but it's mighty, taking performance to a powerful new level.

Centra Active™ is made for active living. It's water-resistant, rechargeable, all in a comfortable, discreet design that's easy to wear.

Cielo 2 Active™ is the affordable solution that keeps up with people on the go. Completely automatic, so there are no worries. no fuss. no kidding.

Centra™. Central to what really matters. It suppresses annoying sound, leaving voices intact, even remembers preferred volume settings and adjusts automatically.

Artis™ 2. Life continually presents opportunities to explore, discover and share. Artis 2 was developed for precisely this purpose — to help people with hearing loss appreciate all life has to offer.

Siemens Explorer™ brings sound to life. So children can experience their world to the fullest.

Prisma 2 K was the first hearing system especially developed for babies.

Cielo 2™. The ordinary moments of life - spending time with friends, listening to music, laughing with a child - often bring the greatest joy. For these precious times, Siemens introduces Cielo 2.

Nitro™ CIC. We've packed up to 70dB of gain into Nitro CIC, so now even patients with severe hearing loss can enjoy the cosmetic benefits of discreet hearing instruments.

Intuis™. Easy on the Ears. An extremely comfortable hearing solution inside and out. Intuis. It's effective, reliable, and simply intuitive.

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