Siemens Tek™. The wireless enhancement for Siemens hearing instruments

C-Guard™ — Innovative wax guard technology for hearing aids.
ePen™. It may look like a stylish pen, but it's actually a sleek remote that allows you to manually change programs and control volume.
ePocket™. First generation remote control unit for many hearings instruments with read out function for volume control setting, program and battery status.
ProPocket™ is Siemens latest generation of remote controls for hearing instruments.
Charger. For rechargable hearing instruments.
Battery.Various types of batteries are available here.
Hearing tips .Various types of hearing tips are available hear.
Brush and pick tools .You should have received a small brush with your aid; if not, use a soft toothbrush and gently brush over the entire area where the microphone is located. When brushing, face the area you are brushing toward the floor, so as you brush the debris falls away from the hearing aid.
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